Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh Capricorn, what a Year!

Date with Destiny

The dark Lord Pluto is in your sign, and early degrees especially may be feeling its concentrated power. Pluto is about dying a total death -- like a fire moving through the forest -- so that the heat cracks open new life. There's intensity, sometimes loss and trauma. But it's all designed to strip you of anything that's "Not You" to reveal the true core.

That translates into a year (or years) of experiences that challenge you to let go of who you think you are. It's the loss of the social facade, so that who you truly are can emerge onto the stage. What's repressed is poked and provoked, until you overcome your fear and let it out. No stones are left unturned within the psyche. It's a time for courage, and the faith that what doesn't kill you, will make you stronger.

On Whose Authority?

We're seeing now a questioning of entrenched power that threatens to change society forever. This probing going on in the world at large, is also something you're wrestling with at the soul level. As a Capricorn, you're born to wield real world power and set high standards for your life. This Pluto transit burns away any shadow behaviors that keep you from your highest achievement.

You may have to come to terms with your own or others manipulative behaviors. It's about seeing into the truth of a situation. You may confront any obsessions you have with control, including its extremes. The seduction of totalitarianism is rearing its ugly head in society. You may also find yourself acknowledging your own inner dictator that would be ruthless in achieving your aims.

Phoenix Descending

This year has you continuing to strip and peel away the outer layers. You may have to show tough love as you let go of certain ties. Some may let go of you. You're likely to crave solitude, to cut out the distractions, in order to stay in tune with yourself. This year, take the time you need to seek your own inner counsel, and process what's happening.

You are being taken into your own psychic underworld, and may be surprised at what's revealed. All this will eventually allow you to build around the soul essence. You will be a more authentic, stronger you, who knows you can face anything.

The Straight and Narrow

Even as this deep plutonian transformation is underway, Saturn is requiring that you work within certain boundaries. If doors close, this is Saturn's way of keeping you from wasting your precious energy. Saturn is in Libra, the sign of partnership, so much of your feedback comes from others.

That mirroring in the eyes of others shows you when you're being too extreme. The support of others brings you back from the edge. The give and take with others allows you to share the psychic load of what you're going through. You can lean on others, and find that there are those committed to being there for the good, bad and the ugly. The responses from others helps you stay in balance.

There are two squares between Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (structures) that bring things to a head. These happen on January 31st and August 21st. Something has to give! The tension can cause a rupture in your life structures. But there's a chance, too, that all this happens deep within your soul and psyche. It helps to let go of what's dead or dying in your life. That lightens your load, and gives you the flexibility to adjust to any unexpected changes.

Lightning Strikes

It's a year that promises both societal and personal upheaval. Saturn makes squares to shocker Uranus (on April 26th and July 26th) that bring on sudden shattering events. The unexpected nature of Uranian events makes them hard to plan for. Chaotic events can be freeing, but also unsettling. This is where you'll want to quickly discern your best action, and go into damage control mode.

You can be pro-active and take charge of what's in your control. But in 2010, there may be events that you can only react to as best you can in the moment. There's an X-factor in looking ahead to 2010 of wild, impossible to predict events that could envelop the entire globe. Some of it is magical, as it's like a current lighting up all of humanity. You'll find hope there at the edges of what's possible, in innovative ideas and the future rushing to meet us. You may have to cope with high levels of uncertainty, as you seek to regain your equilibrium. One thing's for sure -- at the end of 2010, you will not be the same person you are today.

Molly Hall, Astrology Guide