Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Dream?

So it is almost the new year. Looking back, did you accomplish anything? Did you get another step closer to your dreams and goals? Did you make any? Or do you still think dreaming is for  children and fools? 
Well my friends dreaming is real. Dreaming on purpose is the first step to a new life  or making the current one better. 
Let's talk about dreaming for real.  Dreaming is what makes the thing real. I am not not talking about flights of fancy or pie in the sky. I am talking about real things and ideas you can have that you didn't think before were possible. 
You don't have to be an Edison or a da Vinci to create. Although da Vinci was one if the greatest dreamers in history. So what is the difference? He took is dream and he put in on paper, and then built it- Like his flying model. 
What inspired Thomas Edison to create and invent? First he had to gave a dream,  and then did't let go of it until the thing emerged. The light bulb, the phonograph for instance. 

So what is in you're imagination? What are you wanting to create? Let's dream for real.