Just 5 minutes

There are lots of things we can do that only takes five minutes. One of them is making a plan to take action.

We are all driven by emotions and ideas about who we are and how the world works. What are the emotions and ideas driving you?

Do you feel held back or stuck? How do you make decisions? How did you decide who you are? Or did someone else tell you who you are?

Take 5 minutes and think about this.

Did you know that you can change those emotions and ideas? All it takes is a decision. That sounds simple enough, but is it easy to do? Yes the decision is easy. Then what?  Are you going to wait for someone else or are you willing to do the work?

Take action. Take action now. No one else is going to do that work. If you are feeling stuck or held back then no one else is going to fix that. Yes there is help available. You are not alone. There are people to talk to and groups, books, videos, seminars and cd’s, but, the decision is still yours.

OK, let’s be honest. You can listen to and read all the self help material out there, but nothing is going to happen until you take action.

Action is the key.  Formulate a plan and take action. It is that simple. Everyone has bumps on the road, but that’s it they are moving down the road. So get up dust yourself off and keep moving.

If that first plan didn’t work to get you where you want to be, then make an adjustment. Don’t just give up because the first thing you tried didn’t work. Thomas Edison made hundreds of attempts before the light bulb was created. Every failed attempt showed him what didn’t work, so he could try again with another approach, same with the Wright brothers and the airplane, and Bell and Watson with the telephone. There are many great inventors that got it wrong the first time.

So don’t give up. Keep going.