Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dreaming for Real Coaching

This is a very exciting time. Learning new things, and getting to know new people. Setting new goals….

I have added the word “Coaching” to the name of this blog. Why?--because that is what is next for me. I have had success in terms of maintaining weight loss, and I want to share what I have learned with people.

There is so much information out there, and some of it is misleading and confusing. Especially when one diet says eat this and another says don’t. We can work together to find out which information works best for you.

And coaching is not just about dieting. That’s just part of my story. I have had success in other areas too. Also I believe that we all need support and guidance.

 Everyone can use a cheerleader from time to time.

As a coach I will help you with your goals and help you break them down in to realistic manageable bits.

  Just a quick note about me: I have an extensive customer service background; I have worked in the retail industry and in fast food. My longest “gig” was with a retreat/resort center. I took care of reservations and then managed the entire reception staff. That part of my life lasted almost 20 years.

Since that time I have been in the telecommunications industry. Teaching and coaching customers in regards to their phone and internet service. Sometimes what you want to show people takes more than just a 15 minute phone call.
And that’s another part of my story.

Five years ago, a friend told me to go into coaching. I guess he saw something in me. Now i see it in myself.

My favorite quote is: “One should never stand in the shadow of one’s own success.”

Please feel free to leave me any comments and suggestions.



Thursday, April 24, 2014

Common Sense Diet Rules

It is so important to find a weight loss program that fits you. It doesn’t make any sense to go on a weight loss regiment that has you eating or drinking something that disagrees with you. If your diet calls for milk and you’re allergic, don’t drink the milk, or find a different diet.

Common sense plays a big part in picking a diet also. How long can sustain how you are eating? Make sure it’s a good change. Something you can maintain for a life time.

And speaking of diets, are you still working on that New Years’ Resolution?

Some common sense do’s and don’ts:

Do pick a diet that fits your lifestyle

Do watch portions (be honest about how much you eat)

Be honest about the reasons you want to lose weight


Don’t eat something you’re allergic to even if some diet plan says you should

Don’t starve (just eating celery sticks is not satisfying)

Don’t eat when you’re upset

Don’t go to bed full

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Decide to decide

Oh the agony of making a decision and committing to it; and we have to make decisions every day. If we don’t actually decide sometimes circumstances decide for us. That doesn’t always lead to the best outcome, and we often don’t get what we want. So decide.

I’m of course speaking about weight loss and health. If you don’t decide and keep doing what you’re doing, there are consequences-- Poor health, no stamina, no flexibility, higher doctor bill and in insurance bills, and another nasty-- Higher grocery bills.  No one ever thinks about that one, but eating less means losing weight, and not paying so much each week for food.

There are several good programs out there to help. The good ones offer education, support and some common sense. One thing you will do on a good program is keep a food journal. That means logging everything you put in your mouth. That’s right everything from your first sip of coffee to the last bite of ice cream. Please be honest when you do this, but try not to be judgmental with yourself. This just defeats the process. The point is to make a decision, and stay with it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

weight loss

Sometimes it blows my mind that the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars each year. It also blows my mind how much of that money is spent on gimmicks and fads that don’t work. Actually, that is quite sad. We are looking for quick fixes and miracles, when really there isn’t one.

Want to really lose weight and keep it off? It’s going to take time and little work and some common sense. Oops. Did I say work? Did I say time?  Oh dear. Think about this. It took time to put the weight on and it will take some time and effort to take it off, and keep it off.

Now granted there are a lot of different diets and plans to take weight off, but there are not a lot of programs that will help maintain it once it’s off. That’s a little more difficult, because sometimes it means a lifestyle makeover.

Lifestyle makeovers are really not that difficult if you are ready to make the change. Just make a few minor adjustments, and voila! —it’s the new you! 

Sometimes a person needs a little assistance and support to make those changes. Everyone can use a cheerleader. Granted, that’s looks different to each person. But when we are doing something new or different we need a support system.

The hard part: Making the decision:  
We will talk more about this.