Thursday, October 17, 2013


How to stop being afraid. Where to find the motivation to keep moving when you are afraid and stuck. Move or be crushed. Move or die. Yet all you feel like doing is hiding, or running away. 

Fear is such a strange and overwhelming emotion. It stagnates it sickens and paralyzes. The body feels tight breathing becomes more and more difficult. The mind runs in circles.
Yet on some level we need fear. It teaches us. it Keeps us from doing stupid things, like going in the cave with the bear, or playing playing in traffic.  When fear takes over is when it is a bad emotion. 

Think for a minute. Why are you afraid? If you are wanting to do something that is new and different start with some research. Working on a project calms fear. 

Working towards the goal also let's you know if the goal is worthy of pursuing, or if it right for you. A little reflection is good, but don't reflect too long. This leads to procrastination. Fear and procrastination are not a good combination. 

Also find something to laugh at.   Laughter relieves tension. It releases endorphins that make us feel good.   

So how do you take the leap and face what you fear. Roosevelt said all me have to fear is fear itself. Or another of the catch phrases was Nike's just do it. 

Sounds dumb but true. Get up and do it. Move towards your goals, because sitting still, while being afraid moves you away from them. 

So get up, go for a walk. Clear the mind. But don't stop. Keep moving towards your goals. Don't let fear rule. Take the leap.