Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Dream?

So it is almost the new year. Looking back, did you accomplish anything? Did you get another step closer to your dreams and goals? Did you make any? Or do you still think dreaming is for  children and fools? 
Well my friends dreaming is real. Dreaming on purpose is the first step to a new life  or making the current one better. 
Let's talk about dreaming for real.  Dreaming is what makes the thing real. I am not not talking about flights of fancy or pie in the sky. I am talking about real things and ideas you can have that you didn't think before were possible. 
You don't have to be an Edison or a da Vinci to create. Although da Vinci was one if the greatest dreamers in history. So what is the difference? He took is dream and he put in on paper, and then built it- Like his flying model. 
What inspired Thomas Edison to create and invent? First he had to gave a dream,  and then did't let go of it until the thing emerged. The light bulb, the phonograph for instance. 

So what is in you're imagination? What are you wanting to create? Let's dream for real. 


Thursday, October 17, 2013


How to stop being afraid. Where to find the motivation to keep moving when you are afraid and stuck. Move or be crushed. Move or die. Yet all you feel like doing is hiding, or running away. 

Fear is such a strange and overwhelming emotion. It stagnates it sickens and paralyzes. The body feels tight breathing becomes more and more difficult. The mind runs in circles.
Yet on some level we need fear. It teaches us. it Keeps us from doing stupid things, like going in the cave with the bear, or playing playing in traffic.  When fear takes over is when it is a bad emotion. 

Think for a minute. Why are you afraid? If you are wanting to do something that is new and different start with some research. Working on a project calms fear. 

Working towards the goal also let's you know if the goal is worthy of pursuing, or if it right for you. A little reflection is good, but don't reflect too long. This leads to procrastination. Fear and procrastination are not a good combination. 

Also find something to laugh at.   Laughter relieves tension. It releases endorphins that make us feel good.   

So how do you take the leap and face what you fear. Roosevelt said all me have to fear is fear itself. Or another of the catch phrases was Nike's just do it. 

Sounds dumb but true. Get up and do it. Move towards your goals, because sitting still, while being afraid moves you away from them. 

So get up, go for a walk. Clear the mind. But don't stop. Keep moving towards your goals. Don't let fear rule. Take the leap. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

is the Law of Attraction Dead?

Is the Law of Attraction dead? No. Think about this:
Part 1: Think Big

You can’t think about what you don’t want to think about without thinking about it.  If I tell you not to think about elephants and apples, you are going to think about elephants and apples if only for a fraction of a second.

So the trick is to think about what you do want to think about.  If for example, you always wanted to go to Hawaii, don ‘think about the fact you haven’t gotten there yet. Think about how wonderful it will be when you are there.

Also when you think about Hawaii don’t think about it in past of future tenses. Think about being in Hawaii now. Close your eyes, and visualize it. . .Draw a picture of  it . Really feel it.  Then write it down. Put that in an envelope; put today’s date on it. And put it away.  Whenever you have that I can't feeling again. go get the picture and look at it again. Before you know it, you will be booking that trip.
When I was in my late 30's is when I was first introduce to "The Secret". At which point  I made a wish list. I just wrote a few general things. One of which was to retire from my currect job at 45. And I put the list away with some other paper work.
Well, sometime later, I found that list. Frankly I was blown away. I had set the intention, wrote it down,  after didn't think about it for a while... And I left that job at 45. I had forgotten all about my wish list.
 Part 2:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Love Letter From Cernunnos

Love Letter From Cernunnos

"You have given yourself to me…
Fully… You surrendered… You're mine!
Your heart belongs to me, your soul,
Your body, your breath, your everything! Mine!
And you will run with me,
Scream with me, and rut with me,
Tremble in terror and desire of me,
Dance that wild, frenzied dance with me,
Journey to the dark, dank depths with me.
And you will know sheer ecstasy, utter agony,
And the intoxicating thrill of the hunt.
And we will meet at the Crossroads together, as we always have.
We will wander far and wide, with a fire raging in your head.
And I will show you the way on those crooked and hidden paths
I will tell you things no other could
I will take you to places unknown, and unseen
I will teach you. Guide you. Push you. Pull you. Rip you open.
I will show you what it means to be my devotee
I will break you and remake you,
Over and over…
And you will love me…
And when I'm not with you…

Remember… Remember…


Beautiful images and landscapes for meditation...
By: The Wyrding Way

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dragon Dance

Publication Date: September 8, 2002

Why do all cultures, distant and diverse, have similar tales of dragons? Universal wisdom confirms dragons have interacted with people since time immemorial—they call to us, pique our curiosity, and arouse our fears. These mystical beasts are real and their power, their influence, and especially their magick can be captured. Building upon rituals and drawing on their energy, learn to befriend these inspirational creatures and become partners with them on a spiritual journey. Move with them, learn from them, dance in perfect human/dragon syncopation.

I love DJ Conway. She makes her writing come alive. In this book she makes Dragons come alive and fly off the page.

Dragons are in the myths and imaginations of almost every culture on earth. Today we still see dragons in the way a river slithers back and forth across the countryside. They are in the humps and ridges of the mountains and hills. You can almost imagine the beast opening one eye under its rocky brow. We see dragons in the air as the clouds swirl and gather.

DJ, in this work offers rituals and ceremonies to honor that dragon energy and dance with these magnificent creatures.

in centuries past dragons were the protectors and guardians of certain sacred places on the earth. In order to work in harmony with these places and private places, we need to reconnect to the dragon energy, and this is a good book for getting started.

DJ covers basic rituals, dress, use of different tools, and jewelry. you can use her invocaations or create your own.

All in all this is a wonderful resource if you are new or a seasoned practitioner.