The Power in Herbs

Witch doctors, medicine men, shamans, wise-women were the healers of our past. They were the doctors and pharmacists that everybody went to for their aches and pains. They knew all about the natural world. They could heal almost anything with a few herbs, roots, and blessing or two.

Today medicine seems to forget that we it hold its roots to the old ones. It seems pharmaceutical companies are always trying to come up the new drugs for new illnesses. Sometimes I wonder though, which came first the new disease or the new medicine for it.

It is my personal opinion that we should pay more attention to nature to heal our bodies and less on synthetic drugs. Have you read the list of side effects that some of these medicines have? Sometimes , it seems they are worse then the original disease. Of course it does lead into a vicious cycle. Because then you need more drugs, to cure the side effects, and ah, more horrific side affects, more drugs.

Yes, there are side effects to using herbs also. So why not learn. Early medicine did. Willow bark became aspirin. The first diabetes medicines were based on things like cinnamon and other spices that will lower blood augur. Digitalis, which is a flower is still used in heart medicine.

So really, were the old ones really so “Hocey”? It is also found that the power of the mind can do a lot for healing as well. So, I say the next time you need to take a pill, say a blessing or a little prayer, it might work faster.