Deep Blue

Today, I am going to do something different. I am going to share with you a poem. this is my silver cup finalist from 2002. Maybe who knows I may start writing poetry again.

Deep Blue

Something fades to a soft mist
In your arms sweet God, i find my bliss
There is a silence then roar
Waves crash on the shore

Spirits dance and whirl in my head
A cry in the wild an I am full and overflow
Animal dark in the shadow of my soul, see her eyes glow
The sleeper dreams then stumbles and wakes

Surrenders slowly as all signs have been read
My heart lays open ripped and bleeding
I cry and scream but the crow stays feeding
Now I lie naked on the floor dreams pass by and such

Can I see  the feeling can I taste the touch
Time stands still and cries with feelings of dread.
Deep blue something fading in the dark
All sounds stops except the sound of the heart.