I Find Beauty in all Circumstances

My life is filled with positive and beautiful experiences. I attract opulence with my mind. Beauty is part of my daily life.  

Beauty surrounds me while I enjoy nature. The animals, rivers, fields, and flowers are part of a gorgeous network of life. I take pleasure in seeing these places and animals. I attract the best parts of the world.

My home is my castle. I attract beautiful furniture, linens, and tableware, so my house is a stunning model of design. I fill my house with artwork from talented people who inspire me on a daily basis. I am aware of my surroundings and appreciate the details.

I find beauty in all circumstances. My drive to work is a good experience because I can see the beauty around me.

I attract loveliness while running errands. Each task is filled with beautiful people and buildings. My surroundings are lavish and grand. I notice the small touches others contribute to make the places more pleasing.

I notice beauty in my dreams. Even my unconscious mind produces splendid images for me to enjoy each night. I remember my dreams in the morning and appreciate them.

Today, I remind myself that I have the power to attract beauty. I enjoy finding magnificent people and places in my world. I am a part of an exquisite universe filled with incredible beings.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I plan to attract beauty at work?
2. How can I ensure I notice every beautiful detail of the world around me?
3. How can I help others see the beauty around them?