is the Law of Attraction Dead?

Is the Law of Attraction dead? No. Think about this:
Part 1: Think Big

You can’t think about what you don’t want to think about without thinking about it.  If I tell you not to think about elephants and apples, you are going to think about elephants and apples if only for a fraction of a second.

So the trick is to think about what you do want to think about.  If for example, you always wanted to go to Hawaii, don ‘think about the fact you haven’t gotten there yet. Think about how wonderful it will be when you are there.

Also when you think about Hawaii don’t think about it in past of future tenses. Think about being in Hawaii now. Close your eyes, and visualize it. . .Draw a picture of  it . Really feel it.  Then write it down. Put that in an envelope; put today’s date on it. And put it away.  Whenever you have that I can't feeling again. go get the picture and look at it again. Before you know it, you will be booking that trip.
When I was in my late 30's is when I was first introduce to "The Secret". At which point  I made a wish list. I just wrote a few general things. One of which was to retire from my currect job at 45. And I put the list away with some other paper work.
Well, sometime later, I found that list. Frankly I was blown away. I had set the intention, wrote it down,  after didn't think about it for a while... And I left that job at 45. I had forgotten all about my wish list.
 Part 2: