A Chance Encounter

Happy  New Year all you dreamers.
The restaurant was a lively place that evening. The windows were fogged over. It was very cold outside that late November night. A warm glow filled the large room. Everyone had piles of coats, scarves and gloves next to them.

There were several tables of chatting patrons. I sat at the end of a row of tables against the stone wall. There was a birthday party going on.  Then she came in.  As she unbundled herself, bags and coat and scarves went everywhere. She sat down in the vacant seat next to me.

After pouring a glass of wine, she turned to me, and struck up a conversation.  In the past we had exchanged pleasentries, but never really conversed about anything.

In the course of the conversation she told me she could “read” people. It was a gift that seemed to come and go. She took another sip of wine and ordered some soup.

When she turned back to me she said. You are smarter than you let on.  You are having trouble with a physical issue, and you’re intuition is very strong, if you let it. She turned away from me to wish happy birthday to the head of the table, then went back her wine…

I think I was shocked because she nailed me. That was 10 years ago, and these things have not changed.

Let’s see, to check in. I’m still having the same physical problem, only now a little worse. Yes, I am smart, but sometimes don’t let on because, don’t want to come off like I’m arrogant, and my first instinct is still always correct. Whether I choose to follow it or not, well that’s a different matter.  

So my point is, it is not really how much you know, but how much you believe you know, and what you are willing to do with it. My advice, quit being noble, and be smart and intuitive if that is who you are. I bet you will be happier if you do. Have confidence.  More to come on this….