Happy New Year

Changing your habits.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Yes.  Do you really want to stick to it? Yes. In order to stick to your resolutions sometimes minor lifestyle changes need to happen.

If your resolution was to lose weight, and you really want to keep it off then a lifestyle shift needs to happen. Eating is such a big part of our lives. But I am not going to talk about eating. I am talking about making small changes in the way we think in order to make that resolution stick.

This may require you to think differently.  Here is a neat trick. When you interlock your fingers, which thumb is on top? Don’t think about it. Just do it. Now look. Try to do it the other way. It feels strange doesn’t it?

Ok, here is the experiment. Do that every day. Interlock your fingers the other way. Do it every day, and hold it for two minutes.  It’s going to drive you crazy at first, but when you do this; your brain is actually making a new pathway. Making new pathways in the brain help keeps us young, and may prevent dementia as we age.

It’s also a very good exercise in thinking about lifestyle changes in order to keep those resolutions. Just one change, one little shift can make a world of difference.