Don't think about

You can't think about what you don't want to think about without thinking about it. 

Huh? Break that down slowly. If I say don't think about chocolate. Your brain will actually think about it for just a split second, and for that split second you may really want that chocolate. But then I said don't think about, and now you are stuck, because you thinking about it. 

This hold true for unpleasant things too. If I say don't think about crime, you're going to think about crime. 

So keeping that in mind, if you are wanting prosperity in your life? Should you be thinking about the lack of prosperity? 

No. Why not? Because your brain will accuay focus on the lack if instead of the abundance of it. 

If you're trying to attract something into your life, then don't think about the lack of it, think about how much you would like to have. 
This is hie the jaw of attraction works. If you concentrate on the jack then that is what you attract is more lack. 

It's a matter of samantics. This is why diets fail. We end up putting our concentration on the lack, or on the foods  we shouldn't eat while dieting instead of the wonderful benefits we receive doing the diet. 

It's why work is a four letter word. If you like work, then great, but if you don't like work, then it's a drag. And you will just make yourself more miserable wishing you are some place else. 

So. Let's think about what we do want to think about. Let's concentrate on the good stuff, and have a happy abundant life.