Dream vs. Fantasy

What is the difference between a dream and a fantasy? You might think they are one in the same, but in this exercise they are not.

A dream is something you strongly desire. A dream is a hope for the future, a hope for something better.

A fantasy is a passing whimsy. It’s a daydream, another definition is “imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained.” That is from dictionary.com

A dream is what is going to lead you to the doorway of the future. It is something to attain. You can attach goals and actions to it. A fantasy can’t.

An example of a fantasy is flying away on the back of unicorn through a purple forest with the fairies and elves. Nice imagery huh?

What a good coach can do is help you tell the difference between fantasies and dreams, and then help you make goals and plans to achieve that dream. A good coach will also keep you on track towards that goal.

So, dreams are something we can act on to make our lives better, and fantasies are just merely products of our imaginations.