Six Principles to Build Trust

Six principles to build trust and generate advocacy:


1.    KNOW ME

·         Listen to me and understand my state of mind.

·         Recognize the emotional side of my problem.

·         Adapt to my needs.

·         Remember me and my issues.

·         Gauge my readiness to learn and understand in this moment.


And I will feel rewarded and recognized for being a valued customer!



2.    TALK TO ME

·         Calibrate your language to talk to me on my level.

·         Don’t confuse me with tech-jargon that I don’t understand.

·         Be straightforward; tell me the truth.

·         Take the time to listen to my request and understand my needs.


And I will feel you are focused on me and understand my needs!




·         Be 100% accountable.

·         Stick with me until I feel confident.

·         Anticipate, respond and adapt to my needs through the journey.

·         Help me know where to go for questions and issues.

·         Act outside of a script, share real personal ideas and guidance.

·         Don’t make me talk to a supervisor to get somewhere.


And I will give you credit for taking the time to resolve my issue!




·         Inform me of the process.

·         Don’t put me on “black hold”.

·         Let me know where my queries stand at all times.

·         Give me evidence and assurance that it’s fixed.


And I will feel I’m dealing with someone I can trust!



5.    ARM ME

·         Give me something to talk about (Wow Me).

·         Give me the tools to teach others (Educate Me).

·         Inspire me to discover new things I can do with my technology.


And I will welcome your communication with me!



6.    VALUE ME

·         Be available to me where, how and when I need help.

·         Thank me for my business.


And I will feel appreciated!