Finding Fullfillment

Today I am starting a series on self improvement. 
Below is today's manta. It works like the law of attraction. They are called Reflections. 
My personal interests fulfill me.


I love making spare time each day for my hobbies and interests. My hobbies and activities bring me many benefits. They relax and energize me all at the same time. 
Spending time doing  my hobbies helps me stay in touch with my thoughts and feelings. I can work out stress and solve challenges while enjoying many of my hobbies.

Doing research on my favorite topics fuels my passion. When I read a book or seek out online material related to a favored hobby, my creative juices begin to flow. I think of new things I can do with the new knowledge gained.


I find it particularly enlightening to discover different ways of doing the physical activities that I enjoy. Watching a television show.  

When I do the things I love, I am a healthier, happier person. I feel stronger, as if I can confront any troublesome situation and come out ahead of the game.

Today, I plan to spend at least an hour doing things I love to do. It is fulfilling to engage in activities that bring me comfort and happiness. Taking part in my beloved hobbies makes my life better in many ways.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    What are my favorite interests, hobbies, and activities?

2.    How often do I engage in the things I love to do?

3.    How can I work more time into my schedule for my personal interests?