How to Make the Best Decision


When I need to make a challenging decision, I determine the most viable options by considering all the available information, both positive and negative. I have confidence that I can make the best choices for myself.


First, I clarify what the actual challenge is. I let go of minor issues. For now, I find a solid handle on the troublesome situation. Next, I list my possible choices. Then, I circle the two best decisions that I can likely make, given the situation.


For each of those possibilities, I write down the pros and cons.


As I make my list of the pros, I take time to thoughtfully consider how things could go well if I were to make that selection.


As I write the cons, I try to imagine the downsides to the options I am considering.


I keep an open mind. When I am confident that I have considered everything, I am then ready to make a selection.


Today, I look at the positives and negatives when trying to determine the best way to go with a decision. I trust that I can consistently make the best decisions to live the life I desire by considering the pros and cons.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    How do I typically go about making a decision?

2.    When was the last time I weighed out the pros and cons of a situation before making a decision?

3.    What steps can I use to determine the positives and negatives of a situation prior to choosing my best options?