Common Sense Diet Rules

It is so important to find a weight loss program that fits you. It doesn’t make any sense to go on a weight loss regiment that has you eating or drinking something that disagrees with you. If your diet calls for milk and you’re allergic, don’t drink the milk, or find a different diet.

Common sense plays a big part in picking a diet also. How long can sustain how you are eating? Make sure it’s a good change. Something you can maintain for a life time.

And speaking of diets, are you still working on that New Years’ Resolution?

Some common sense do’s and don’ts:

Do pick a diet that fits your lifestyle

Do watch portions (be honest about how much you eat)

Be honest about the reasons you want to lose weight


Don’t eat something you’re allergic to even if some diet plan says you should

Don’t starve (just eating celery sticks is not satisfying)

Don’t eat when you’re upset

Don’t go to bed full