Decide to decide

Oh the agony of making a decision and committing to it; and we have to make decisions every day. If we don’t actually decide sometimes circumstances decide for us. That doesn’t always lead to the best outcome, and we often don’t get what we want. So decide.

I’m of course speaking about weight loss and health. If you don’t decide and keep doing what you’re doing, there are consequences-- Poor health, no stamina, no flexibility, higher doctor bill and in insurance bills, and another nasty-- Higher grocery bills.  No one ever thinks about that one, but eating less means losing weight, and not paying so much each week for food.

There are several good programs out there to help. The good ones offer education, support and some common sense. One thing you will do on a good program is keep a food journal. That means logging everything you put in your mouth. That’s right everything from your first sip of coffee to the last bite of ice cream. Please be honest when you do this, but try not to be judgmental with yourself. This just defeats the process. The point is to make a decision, and stay with it.