weight loss

Sometimes it blows my mind that the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars each year. It also blows my mind how much of that money is spent on gimmicks and fads that don’t work. Actually, that is quite sad. We are looking for quick fixes and miracles, when really there isn’t one.

Want to really lose weight and keep it off? It’s going to take time and little work and some common sense. Oops. Did I say work? Did I say time?  Oh dear. Think about this. It took time to put the weight on and it will take some time and effort to take it off, and keep it off.

Now granted there are a lot of different diets and plans to take weight off, but there are not a lot of programs that will help maintain it once it’s off. That’s a little more difficult, because sometimes it means a lifestyle makeover.

Lifestyle makeovers are really not that difficult if you are ready to make the change. Just make a few minor adjustments, and voila! —it’s the new you! 

Sometimes a person needs a little assistance and support to make those changes. Everyone can use a cheerleader. Granted, that’s looks different to each person. But when we are doing something new or different we need a support system.

The hard part: Making the decision:  
We will talk more about this.