Dreaming for Real Coaching

This is a very exciting time. Learning new things, and getting to know new people. Setting new goals….

I have added the word “Coaching” to the name of this blog. Why?--because that is what is next for me. I have had success in terms of maintaining weight loss, and I want to share what I have learned with people.

There is so much information out there, and some of it is misleading and confusing. Especially when one diet says eat this and another says don’t. We can work together to find out which information works best for you.

And coaching is not just about dieting. That’s just part of my story. I have had success in other areas too. Also I believe that we all need support and guidance.

 Everyone can use a cheerleader from time to time.

As a coach I will help you with your goals and help you break them down in to realistic manageable bits.

  Just a quick note about me: I have an extensive customer service background; I have worked in the retail industry and in fast food. My longest “gig” was with a retreat/resort center. I took care of reservations and then managed the entire reception staff. That part of my life lasted almost 20 years.

Since that time I have been in the telecommunications industry. Teaching and coaching customers in regards to their phone and internet service. Sometimes what you want to show people takes more than just a 15 minute phone call.
And that’s another part of my story.

Five years ago, a friend told me to go into coaching. I guess he saw something in me. Now i see it in myself.

My favorite quote is: “One should never stand in the shadow of one’s own success.”

Please feel free to leave me any comments and suggestions.