Achieve Balance

Achieving balance in my life is important to me.


Even though I sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything I want to accomplish, I still aim to enjoy the day. So, I do everything possible to seek and find perfect balance in my life.

 I work hard each day to do my best at work., but when I finish at the end of the day, I leave work behind.

I am careful about committing to extra hours at work because I know that doing so means I give up time with friends, family, or “me” time.

At home, my energy is divided between those I love, taking care of my home, and finding my own inner peace to deal with the stresses of life.

My social life and friendships are also high on my list of priorities.

I use my calendar to schedule in time for work projects wisely. i balance home tasks, and social activities. I block out an hour or two weekly to enjoy my own personal time however I choose.


Today, I know I can experience the joys of multiple aspects of my life, all in balance. My life brings me everything I want.


Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    Do I feel like my life is balanced right now? What areas am I short-changing?

2.    How much do I focus on achieving balance in my life?
How can I ensure I have a healthy balance among my