The Universal Plan

I believe the universe has a plan for me.


I am free from worry regarding the future. I trust in the plan the universe has for me. It is my  responsibility to rise to the occasion and make wise decisions. I am required to take action. 

I am filled with confidence that I am on the right path. Each day, the plan for my life becomes clearer.

I notice all the little things that others might dismiss as coincidence. To me, they are subtle signs that everything is as it should be. I find great peace and comfort in this.

In challenging times, I strive to stay focused. I believe challenges are created to help me learn new skills or steer me in the right direction. When faced with obstacles, I immediately start looking for the meaning.

As the plan for my life unfolds, I become more excited about the future and wonder what may happen next. I find satisfaction in all of it.

I have little time to worry because I am too busy living my life.

Today, I am looking for signposts to guide my decisions. I am open to all the universe has in store for me. I believe the universe has a plan for me and I am living my life to the fullest in accordance with that plan.



Self-Reflection Questions:


1.    Am I open to all the possibilities that the universe has planned for me?

2.    In the past, have I missed golden opportunities?

3.    How can I prepare myself to notice when opportunities come my way?